Empowering Woman..

MANTRA FOR A NEW AGE.. “Be brilliant with INFINITE possibility and be all that you can be. Daydream constantly and ALIGN yourself to all that you have inside your own imagination. LOVE outrageously and with all your heart. DARE to be different, as being different will spark your SPIRIT and make you grow. SPEAK your … Continue reading

Bringing New Positivity To 2017

As we come out of an old year metaphorically, as the calendar is just a man made construct, and in Einsteins world and the world of physics all time is happening at the same time, use this etheric portal or gateway as a gateway to the new, leaving behind any old habits and beliefs, memories … Continue reading

EFT    Emotional Freedom Technique     “Tapping”

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique “Tapping”

EFT “Emotional Freedom Technique ” “Tapping” works as a form of acupressure Tapping on your body, to release energy and energetic beliefs patterns and behaviour, You repeat guided phrases to take out beliefs and are then empowered, tapping in new beliefs. I work on the conflicts and have had much success with clients. You do … Continue reading

Does the present really exist?

Does the present really exist?

Originally posted on Rationalising The Universe:
Firstly a warm welcome to all new followers; we were fortunate enough to be featured on WordPress Discover recently which gave a wonderful flurry of new support. We endeavour to stay in touch and interact with as many of you as possible; and hope that science and mathematics continues…

Time of Letting Go……

Time of Letting Go……

This feels like a big time of letting go, letting go of the  ego  building the new and the undiscovered, fostering new beliefs and habits along the way as we shed the darkness the fears and the  things that we perhaps thought should work out. When you trust your soul and your spirit you trust … Continue reading

Create or Complain

  “What things are you proud of doing I talk about this in my book to you step beyond your fears and into your dreams. In my book I talk about creating or complaining..or having compassion. When you are in complaint mode you waste your energy and your time and you get more of that. … Continue reading


  Remember Who You Truly Are “You start out on a huge journey of consciousness, a tiny pin prick of light and energy, an energy waiting to emerge into physical form, we are miraculous, a wave of energy just sitting waiting to burst out and explode into a new dimension a human dimension, with talents … Continue reading


What would I say to any young woman growing up today?.. Follow your dreams and your heart, be authentic and courageous, be unafraid to speak up and say when you feel hurt or you feel wronged. Believe in yourself even when anyone else around you gives up keep focused on who your are. There will … Continue reading

Literally GIFTED

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When someone describes an artist, musician or anyone with ‘natural ability’ as GIFTED they don’t know how literal they are being. When we write a great song or have a great idea we receive it, we don’t ‘think it up’. It pops ‘in’ to our heads. When we’re in…

Never To Old To Dance ….

Tao Porchon Lynch is the oldest yoga teacher in the world  and took up Ballroom dancing at the age of 90..she has always stayed fit and active with yoga and now dancing. Here’s how she stole the show recently at America’s got talent..

YOU are LOVE …..

Originally posted on Sally Francis:
You are a vibrant infinite being here for a special reason at this time.  There’s nothing you can’t be do or say that’s right for your vibration when you connect to the true source that’s inside you, that part of you that knows that everything right here right now is…

Quantum Healing.

    Consciousness responds to consciousness , the field is real and responds to human consciousness…. “Already healed is powerful “   Quantum Healing