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? Remember Who You Truly Are “You start out on a huge journey of consciousness, a tiny pin prick of light and energy, an energy waiting to emerge into physical form, we are miraculous, a wave of energy just sitting waiting to burst out and explode into a new dimension…

World Mental Health Day..

Originally posted on Sally Francis:
Photo by Pixabay on 1) Breathe 2) Know that everything passes in time 3) Your thoughts create your reality. 4) Many of your thoughts are not true 5) Stop judging yourself based on the past 6) Be in the know 7) Every moment s a new moment 8) The…

Stay in the Light …. Higher Consciousness

You have been placed strategically around the world to hold the light if you identify as a lightworker, someone who chooses to act in higher consciousness and maybe transmute the darkness where you live and to the people around you you may be an empath someone who feels deeply and transmutes others pain you may … Continue reading

The Power of Prayer

Dear God and Angels, Higher Ascended Masters and Beings We pray that you shine the divine light of love on all the souls that are awake and are awakening now. We ask that all souls are cleared of fear and that a joy and love state now ascends to the earth to guide and keep … Continue reading


Originally posted on Sally Francis:
? TAPPING FOR WORLD PEACE … How about we surrogate Tap for PEACE at the moment… in the world. “EVEN though there is all this talk of war I love and completely honour respect and love myself anyway Even though there is all this crazy energy around in the media…

International Womens Day

.Honour the feminine in yourself the yin aspects, the receiving, the nurturing the caring qualities in yourself and the ones you see in others.. The feminine energies of love and kindness, empathy and compassion are needed today in the masculine as well and we are seeing more and more how men to are not afraid … Continue reading

LOVE THE HEART OF YOU… HEART CO¬HERENCE. In any given moment you can choose to see the rain or choose to see the sunshine… breathe sunshine into your 50,000,000,000,0000 (fifty trillion cells ) Your heart has more magnetic and electrical energy running through it than your brain. When you are happy and unified and aligned your heart and your brain act in a coherent energetic state. Your body and brain can also be earthed by connecting to the earth through barefoot connections to the earth, you literally dispel any negative charge of your body by earthing your selves and your heart starts to act more coherently. In any given moment you can choose to see the rain or choose to see the sunshine… breathe sunshine into your 50,000,000,000,0000 (fifty trillion cells ) You can also change the activity in your heart and its state by heart breathing and visualisation. Breathe slowly and in your belly. Remember a happy occasion or times when you felt good really, really good, go with the feeling of the experience and really feel the feeling, place your hands on your heart and remember a time when you felt wonderful about something, a you were in a great place or you saw something that made you smile or felt great love about something, this does not have to be a person. All love is you just remembering an experience or a time when you associated a feeling with an experience a place or a person, but YOU gave you the feeling no one else did and at any time you can call that feeling back to you. Feel the feelings if being in the love state and in joy at just being alive and being you. Love the heart of you. Put your hands on your heart and breathe love and sunshine into yourself do this several times a day this will change your physiology on a great scale and other people will begin to notice that there is something different about you… You can choose to re-boot the sunshine whenever you choose…Love Sally XAUTHOR/ INTUTIVE COACH/EFT/SOUL PLANS Copyright 2015 (c) Extract From my book REMEMBER WHO YOU TRULY ARE SALLY J FRANCIS ON AMAZON AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE


Being exactly who you are warts and all shadow and light side showing up in the world with your own authencity to own your good parts but also your woblles voicing your vulnerabilities as there is no one like you and why should there ever be. Not trying to be your perfect self your own … Continue reading

The Universe Loves You.

Do you push the universe or allow things to come to you? There is nothing worse than someone pushing their energy onto you no one likes another peson energy vamping you.. Everyone has freewill when you allow and not judge others you understand that everyone has their own way of existing and being in the … Continue reading

Love People Back to Themselves

Love People Back to Themselves

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When people may have fallen out of alignment with who they are through shame or guilt or loss etc. you have to love them back to themselves, back to who they are. When someone falls off track you have to be mindful to love the other person back to themselves.…

Conscious Leadership in a Chaotic World

Massive egos do not make great leaders its flexible minds, humilty and compassion and the ability of a leader to inspire flexible minds tolerance and resilience.. A great leader needs to lead and juggle all the balls in a society and know that every single person on the planet has a part to play in … Continue reading

Kindness is Efficient

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I’ve discovered that practicing Loving Kindness is the most efficient response to nearly every challenging situation, not a nicey-nicey way for avoiding the stickiness or discomfort, but a clearly, measurably superior practice for getting the best out of any episode. Here are some examples: 1. Someone lets you down…

Melodrama Immunity

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Everything starts healing by itself when I discard my mind’s first interpretation of what just hurt or worried me and catch myself (just in time!) to refrain from assuming the negative version that my mind just offered is ’the truth’. The framing of what just happened is everything. My…

Change and Revolution…

We need a moral and a spiritual awakening in the country, and nothing short of that is adequate to fundamentally change the patterns of our political dysfunction,” says author and activist Marianne Williamson. “Rise dear feminine women there’s a calling from the mists where sisters are united with harmony and bliss to speak your hearts … Continue reading