Golden visualisation……..

Imagine yourself floating on a warm lake of silken water circling all around you. Feel the water relaxing your body. Imagine relaxation flowing from the top of your head down all the way down your neck, shoulders arms and fingertips….feel the relaxation moving down your body heart, solar plexus …belly legs knees calves and ankles and flowing out of your feet , letting all the tension drain out of the soles of your feet and into the water where it is transmuted into healing water for the fish and all the creatures that support the water frequency of the earth.
Let go of all your tension and breathe in the golden elixir from the water healing your body and restoring yourself …leaving all your cells vibrating with a new frequency of harmony and peace. Imagine your life becoming more peaceful ad you attracting to yourself much abundance in all forms …beautiful relationships….wonderful work that is in tune with your soul purpose…..and abundance in all forms from the people you meet to the places that you frequent..abundance of smiles and love and healing hearts and hugs and dreams and wishes….
See positive energy flowing into your life with prosperity in health and abundance of money and relationships which are just energy……………….Visualise and breathe into your body that which is given from the divine from the true source of creation…let this new time of awakening , awaken you to all that you can be and do andrest in the knowledge that you will be safely guided to all that you should do in the world at this time. Imagine golden energy flowing into your body and out of your feet and into the water restoring all the waters and lakes and rivers to clean and bright sources…….so be it .
Sally Francis (c) copyright
Image Sally Francis copyright

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