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Excited as  just released my song “Miracles Fly On Wishes”   and here to inspire you to step into your True Spirit  and Miracles with my  Events , Intuitive Coaching and EFT and writing  so you can step into an even more  marvellous  and magical journey ……

trained as a Scientist and teacher and  have done lots of things in my life but am merging Science and Spirituality and Energy Psychology

I believe in consciousness and creating your reality being in the flow and going  where my spirit takes me.

I love to hear feedback so would love you to sign up to my site  and  email me at sallyfrancis3@gmail.com with your thoughts.

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 Miracles fly on wishes ……,

So wish upon a star…….,
Where dreams come true and angels sing,
Remember who you truly are !

Miracles fly on wishes………
Dream big and bold and bright,

Be awesome in your vision
It’s magnificent and light !

Miracles fly on wishes………,
Look towards the light,
Be grateful for your mission
It’s a gift of peace and fight….
with all your passion for what’s beautiful and right

Miracles fly on wishes intend with heart and soul
For beauty lies in there deep, wherever you may go
Be peaceful in the light you spread
Remember joy and love instead
Miracles fly on wishes …..”

                                                             Sally Francis © 2012

The global mind in shifting at the moment there is a huge Paradigm shift going on at the moment new ways of thinking and seeing the world and reality are coming into being .

 Focus on what you want to bring into consciousnes.

We are now being required to live together in a different way

 I have always believed that we should share any information that helps others. 

Everyday is a miracle . 

 I hope to inspire you to connect with me, inspiring people or organisations, Charities or Events.


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