Posted in February 2013

Can we and should we monitor empathy ?

Nurses now being bombarded with performance related pay progression teachers who are meant to be there for the welfare of children …….nurses shouldn’t be worrying about how they are performing and whether they are making the right decisions all the time … you can’t apply business principles when it comes to empathy ….. can … Continue reading

Originally posted on Sally Francis:
Watch for the magic steps in your life , watch for the underlying golden spirit of consciousness weaving through your life and taking a dance …..remember to always trust in the higher vision of yourself the one that knows all there is to know, the one who dances and sings…

Dyslexia – The Forgotten Children ?

You can be highly illiterate and be highly intelligent, in my limited experience of teaching around 10,000 children in around 200 schools I’ve met highly intelligent children who can’t put pen to paper and go into the pool of the ” forgotten children. ” In fact I’ve sat with children who have been crying because … Continue reading