LOVE more.. healing collective fear paradigm


If you want to forward focus don’t talk about the old.. think forward even politically.

I am visualising peaceful intelligent conscious leaders of the world who show compassion and empathy who embrace all people who stand as bright shining lights for the collective who care more about others than for themselves who know that money and the stashing of it is not what makes them brilliant leaders but the intelligence that they hold in their hearts.

I feel most of all that it is about us all growing in consciousness, empathy kindness and compassion for ourselves and others as the leaders reflect the collective unconscious of the world.
By bringing out the boils the world will eventually see new light… . as after ever scab a new skin is formed..

We are in a time of the wounds emerging so they can be cleaned and collectively healed… by witnessing our own and feeling them as we are being triggered individually at this time so they are healed.

This is a time of feeling deeply not repressing what has been repressed but not landing on others.. processing,journalling getting it out of your body.. else we add to the collective mayhem

At time of being really really present and conscious now and it ,may feel so painful now if you are an empathic sensitive ..
stay mindful of what is not yours.. stay joyful when you feel joyful turn off the news limit FB if you need to at this time

We can heal all of this if we are mindful….
Stay in LOVE not FEAR, LOVE is way way more powerful


Sally Francis

Author of the book “Remember who You Truly Are “

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