Empowering Woman..



“Be brilliant with INFINITE possibility and be all that you can be. Daydream constantly and ALIGN yourself to all that you have inside your own imagination. LOVE outrageously and with all your heart. DARE to be different, as being different will spark your SPIRIT and make you grow.

SPEAK your mission your VISION and your PURPOSE. Be GENEROUS in your SPIRIT with all things you do and with everyone as they will remember your spirit not the clothes you wear or the house you live in, but they’ll remember how you made them FEEL
SMELL nature and go outside else you’ll miss all that’s so beautiful , STOP and really, really LOOK.. else you will miss a huge part of what is so wondrous and so glorious about this world. CREATE your life like a painting create, or a magnificent story or symphony, create it BIG and BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL, and full of many colours. Have an attitude of GRATITUDE for all that you have, even small things.

FEEL wealthy and abundant NOW, look around you. YOU are wealthy now in lots of ways. SEE your life through a different LENS. One hundred years from now will ANYTHING REALLY matter. LIVE your life now and remember to BREATHE slowly everyday that’s really important. SMILE it’s easier and uses less muscle power.

Use your INTUITION it is often the only thing that got you here, you manifested through CONSCIOUSNESS so you are a bit of a bright spark, and are very, very CLEVER.

CREATE your life through IMAGINATION and remember the UNIVERSE will deliver when you truly open your arms to receive . BE ready to receive and ASK for help when you need it. Remember feeling scared…. everyone has always JUMPED daily through the hoop of FLAMES , remember you always land on the other side ….so jump.

LOVE your family .. you incarnated into that family to have your biggest lessons ..remember the great times, don’t focus on the rest else the worst ones will come and knock you on your head just when you aren’t looking..

DO what makes your heart sing and your ENERGY lift. Have days of BLISS and don’t be afraid…. what’s the point otherwise .. say STOP out loud and start to really feel your JOY, you can change your mood in one moment. ”

Sally Francis

from my book

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