Building an Orphanage in Nepal and helping local children

I love these guys and girls with all my heart and helped them a few years back with raising money in Battersea Park with all the gigs and music  and doing  PR and storyboards and leaflets , shaking buckets etc…. helping get the crowd dancing 🙂

I lived and breathed the Charity for a few years and it was a great time for me giving back . It made me see what a few people could do with the spirit and the inclination and the intention to “do” something.

Wow we had some marvellous days in Battersea Park and on Brighton beach dancing with the crowds and speaking the story. I spotted Elle MacPherson in the crowd and she came on board.  The guys went to Everest and had the “World’s Highest gig ”  and are going again in 2012.

I try and spread and share this when I can now and support them.

I saw it go from a plot of land to the roof on and now they are doing the interior.


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