Remember Who You Truly Are

“You start out on a huge journey of consciousness, a tiny pin prick of light and energy, an energy waiting to emerge into physical form, we are miraculous, a wave of energy just sitting waiting to burst out and explode into a new dimension a human dimension, with talents and goals and challenges, it’s a huge journey, an experience through which our souls learn and grow through realisation that we can be everything, we have the power within us in every moment to shift the aspects of our lives to shift our destinies and our focus just by pure thought and intention. We are creators of our destinies.

You come here with unlimited potential to be everything and anything that you truly desire. Within you is a field of consciousness that is unlimited and without definition, able to access all the consciousness that is within the universe, the “all” consciousness, the mighty power of evolution, the etheric field of immortal energy.

In every moment you can summon anything you want in consciousness and into your body, just by thoughts, by setting intentions of what you want in your life, seeing them as happening in this time space now with all the feeling you can summon, with all the joy and love that you possess and by pushing beyond all boundaries of limitation, by expanding your thinking you expand your consciousness, you become what you think about, you expand into your thoughts and when you push those thoughts outwards the world and the universe hears your thoughts.You have a responsibility as to how you use your energy, you can use your energy for good in whichever way you choose.

When you truly understand that you are without limit and definition you can truly be everything you have ever dreamed of being, an expanded being of consciousness able to dipping in and out of everything you chose, just by intention, thought, will and focus. You drive your thoughts and your spirit by setting intentions, unwavering intentions of focus. Life will happen to you but if your prevailing thoughts are ones of movement forwards and of building and creating that is what you will become, you will become an extension of your prevailing thoughts pushed forward and through into reality, you will mould and shape, the experience of your life you bring form into the vision in your reality. It must happen for it’s how the laws of the universe work. Your thoughts do create things and your future.

Within you are so many gifts just bursting to come out, gifts of you, gifts of intelligence, gifts of humour, gifts of creativity, gifts of art and music, gifts of speaking, gifts of listening, gifts of being a mother or a father or an explored or traveller, gifts of being exactly who you were destined to be. So many gifts all lying dormant just waiting to be ignited, waiting to be ignited by a flame of magic in you. Light the touch paper of time and rise up to be everything you were destined to be.

You are already whole, you come here as a “brilliant artwork of consciousness” a perfectly formed individual. There is everything inside you just waiting to burst out.

You may be running from an outdated part of you, the you that has been running the same programmes for years, you might be running the same script, time in and time out. We often hold onto stories, the stories that keep us safe and in our comfort zones. The subconscious mind keeps you safe on automatic pilot, we run scripts and experiences based on our belief systems taken on from our parents or people or experiences around us.

We act from our unconscious thoughts and memories and re-do the same stories and scripts if we are not aware, added to which more neural pathways are grooved into our experience and these then become our predominant thoughts and ways of being. Every time you think a limited thought it re-grooves into the neural pathways of your brain, conversely every time you do something that you think you couldn’t or shouldn’t that grooves a new neural network of consciousness and stretches you, you groove a new possibility, a future potential, a new memory muscle. You are sculpting your brain everyday by the thoughts you think and the experiences and the people that you bring into your reality. Everything that happens to you is brought into consciousness by your thinking.

You might think you are limited by money or ability or status or connection but when you understand you can be anything and we all have the same chances, it’s often just the drive and determination to push through that’s lacking to not give up especially at the final hurdle. We all come here with talents and challenges but at your core your spiritual essence you can feel connected to everything that lives and everything that has ever lived. Through you and in you there is an unlimited consciousness.

You may be able to tap into past life feelings, you might feel guided to go somewhere, live somewhere, be something, you may have a calling from your past or you may be guided by a sense of feeling that you are on the earth at this time and are here to do something unique.

You are here to be, exactly who you are, you are here to remember that your existence is really just about being, enjoying the experience and the journey, but some of you have forgotten the reason that you came here. When you sit quietly you will hear your soul mission and life purpose you will know why you came here. We all exist in simultaneous time, time does not exist we are the only species in the universe that measures something that does not exist.

Everything that’s ever happened in your life is always happening now. In this experience now you are feeling your past life’s and future possibilities right now in simultaneous time zones. Some of us are sensitive and we can feel different lifetimes of ourselves and of others. You have the consciousness of many, many lifetimes, the experience and the journeys of thousands of ancestors inside you, you possess the ability to call on this consciousness if you choose.

You are a never ending time traveler of your own existence, a pure miracle of consciousness floating in a never ending universe, a vortex time traveler on a never ending journey and quest to be everything. You may feel plugged in to a reality experience that feels comfortable and that’s the experience that you may choose for this lifetime, if it feels comfortable it’s probably a perfect fit for your soul at this time, conversely if not you may have outlived and outgrown this part of your souls experience at this time and be seeking a new path or challenge to give your life edge and meaning.

Within you lies a carefree spirit, a spirit who can wander and do anything, a spirit who can be everything at any time just by remembering that consciousness.

The human ego likes to put a great big STOP sign up when we are challenged to go outside our comfort zones, but you can always fly over the stop sign and turn the red light to a green one. Remember you are in charge of your life experience.

If you are challenged, remember a time when you were happy and laughing doing something that you loved, you may be with someone or on your own on a beach or doing something you really love doing. Picture the picture and really feel the memory with all your intention, see what you see, feel what you feel and experience, the smells the aroma the fragrance, see your spirit excited and loving doing something that you love. You can take this feeling and drop this into a future memory, see the future with colour and feel the feeling of how you will be happy having completed something that you have always wanted to do, see yourself doing this creative thing, your gift, see how you feel and sense it. See the people around you imagine with all your might.

Feel your own spiritual essence, you always have time to complete your mission, you will be given time if it’s for your highest good in this lifetime, you always have free will as to how you spend your life and with whom, set the intention of being you with with authenticity, you are here to have your life experience, you have come here to have this journey and it’s your journey, no one does your journey better than you.

Do not compare yourself to others. Your experience here is unique to you, you are unique, you exist as a unique being and vibrational frequency with your own unique blueprint that is unique to you, you do not exist to be like everyone around you, you have your own soul journey and own soul existence, your soul destiny is unique to you and you alone it’s the fabric of who you really are, you are special a unique soul with a unique soul essence.

Sometimes you have to take the old glasses off and look through a new lens of magic and wonder, when you do you often gain a new perspective, you re-configure to a new re-set point a new vibration.

It’s through darkness that we push through to re-configure and bring ourselves back to who we truly are. It’s a spiritual evolution and transformation the depths of which are being felt internally by many at this time, but it’s through this heart and soul searching that we are being brought to a new configuration by examining the old and feeling the grief, the death of the old and whole new way of seeing and believing and it’s sometimes feels like you are being birthed again through a new birth canal, to be all you can truly be now.

Families and old friends might be being left behind as you change and grow and you rise to be who you truly are, your essence of spirit, your primordial spirit and essence in it’s entirety.. You are a unique soul and spirit with, you have unique qualities and talents, do not compare yourself to anyone else ”


Love Sally xx

From my book REMEMBER WHO YOU TRULY ARE.. available on Amazon Kindle… 100.000 words to inspire you! Now with 18.. 5 star reviews ..…/…/B019ECGNPU
Scientist/Teacher/Intuitive Coach


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