Inspirational Conversations

I  thought it would be great to strike up conversations around the world with people about Energy, Psychology the Mind and a whole plethora of subjects  and other human beings who have been inspirational in their journeys, maybe not always in great big ways, but in ways that touch the minds and hearts of people and to try to engage in conversations that may be helpful to people listening and spark up ideas.


Inspiring Conversations - EFT Brad Yates

I have been coaching people around the world for a number of years and also trained with EFT , Emotional Freedom Technique and have been working with clients. I have used EFT myself for over ten years and thought it would be great to speak and also do some tapping with BRAD YATES from America , the ” EFT Wizard ”

Brad has produced hundreds of EFT videos and is regarded as a leading expert in the field of EFT and has hundreds of U Tube videos and many programmes.  As I have worked intuitively  with lots of clients and have a love of all things ENERGY and QUANTUM PHYSICS we had a great conversation and Tapping hour. Brad lead an EFT session around “BEING AUTHENTIC” and one around “CHANGE”

I discuss my idea for “Flash Tapping” and this could grow into an event listen for details

Click on the link below to take you to the conversation where we discuss some interesting things.  Blessings Sally


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