Time of Letting Go……


This feels like a big time of letting go, letting go of the  ego  building the new and the undiscovered, fostering new beliefs and habits along the way as we shed the darkness the fears and the  things that we perhaps thought should work out.

When you trust your soul and your spirit you trust  that you are  safely guided,  not perhaps in the old ways  but in new ways and sometimes the way is not always fully open, but by listening, by being still and going into silence you feel the way of your life,  you feel the journey, the next step,  the next move.

Just as the leaves are shed each season and new growth is building underneath, so new ideas formulate and perculate,  everything has a season  and a timing.

Your soul aligns coherently to you when  you trust deep within your spirit to  be bold.

Sally  Francis

Coach, EFT/ TV Psychic /Soul plans

email sally francis3@gmail.com

Author of the  5 star Remember Who Truly Are – Book on amazonIMG_3161


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