Links To People I Love

Needing some crystals . pendulums , tibetan flags etc .. a lovely present – a great site build by lovely people at prices you can’t imagine 🙂  Certainly worth a look couldn’t believe his prices – lovely people

Great ideas and inspiration to get you walking and moving from the gorgeous Manuella.


The awesome Barefoot Doctor and his healing Taoist website takes you into a journey that you can hardly imagine

Who would you be without your story ?  How do you know it’s absolutely true ?

The WORK of Byron Katie is deep and profound – when you start questioning everything you thought was true and turning it around your life, you start to see that the people and the situations that challenge you the most are thre as your biggest teachers.

Awesome musician. spiritually sound and true loving man who has and will change thousands and thousands  of people with his music and the love he shares for everyone on the planet. He sings from the heart.

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