Coaching and Readings


There is alot of misunderstanding around what a psychic reading is and why some readings come true and others don’t .. You always have freewill everyone does and everyone has multiple paths open to them that they can follow determined by the fact that they stay on their path or not stay in alignment with who they are and their soul journey or they follow someones else’s path for them thinking that is the right way.

I have been naturally intuitive and psychic all my life I have always read energy , as a child I did not need to speak I could not see the point lol.. I just read energy.. I though everyone had the same was of connecting that I did.. LIfes big wake up call lol

I honed my skills reading children sometimes 100 a day that I was teaching I had to be one step ahead alot of the time.. observing watching learning to be in tune..

We always have choice in every situation as to whether we stay in relationships etc or move out , to take that job or not to eat that food or not to exercise or not we always have choice.

When I do a reading or when I coach I am tuning into that persons higher self perhaps their soul self that loves then that wants the best for them that supports them and the part that will be in this highest vibration and that is often the spirit or the soul self..

BUT we are all human and we can sabotage ourselves if we chose at any moment we may have learnt that we are not good enough we may have learnt that we don’t deserve something that we we are not worth the attention the man the woman the job etc..

In life we often see the ones who maybe aren’t that clever doing well it is because they have a belief that they will succeed or be able to do something.. If you have never been given that guidance or the support of the cheer leading by someone that is where you may stop yourself for fear of getting out of your comfort zone or even being seen.

That is where a coach, a mentor or a reading come in handy we push and see the best part of you the part that that can that does and that is in alignment with the highest potential of YOU..

True coaches and psychic will see the paths open they won’t judge you but will see the possibilities and probabilities.

ASK YOURSELF WHY CAN’T YOU, then find a solution

Sally Francis

International  Coach and Psychic … check out my testimonials  on my site:)

and book a call  or  coaching call.. I don’t judge:)

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