Bringing New Positivity To 2017

we are all star shine

As we come out of an old year metaphorically, as the calendar is just a man made construct, and in Einsteins world and the world of physics all time is happening at the same time, use this etheric portal or gateway as a gateway to the new, leaving behind any old habits and beliefs, memories that you want cleared and behaviours..

Look back at all the people you chose to engage with last year with love, everyone comes to teach us something even if it to be more of who we are and learn about boundaries and who we are not..

Look back at all you have learnt and how you have grown. Look back at all your experiences what made you stronger and what has also become clearer, every downtime brings a gift when you look clearly you learn a lesson.

Look back at what resonated with you and what did not.. we all come here with different journeys and this is all an experience.

Take the time to honour the person that you are now, that you are here at this time your soul has chosen at this time to incarnate for a reason and you chose this.. your soul knows what it was doing..

You are a whole soul just as you are you need no one else to complete you..

Let go of any fear based thinking around yourself that you are not good enough for anything or anyone you are just as you are …you need no one else’s opinion to know this deep in your soul.

Embrace this journey as a huge adventure there will be ups there will be downs there will be great days of joy and perhaps great days of sadness.. it is all part of this journey.

Intend what you would like to do going forward see the things you want to do, perhaps write them down or maybe just invoke the qualities more PEACE, LOVE, FOCUS CLARITY, your spirit will guide you if you listen closely and carefully..

I intend that I will do some things every year but the hows or “through whoms ” I leave open that way my spirit is not snagged by forcing anything and I allow rather that push.

I wish you all huge JOY, PEACE and ABUNDANCE in all it’s forms next year.. know you are blessed and truly loved 🙂 xx

Love Sally xx

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