Create or Complain



“What things are you proud of doing I talk about this in my book to you step beyond your fears and into your dreams.

In my book I talk about creating or complaining..or having compassion.

When you are in complaint mode you waste your energy and your time and you get more of that. When you are in creation mode you are serving and creating in may ways,creating harmony.. peace , great relationships etc or stetching yourself and creating something that has a bigger mission and a bifgger purpose.

What are you creating today?

A great atmosphere or a negative one with yourself or others.. watch your self talk

If you go out and see the world is on your side it generally is, you have as many moments as the next person.

Do you feel like your life is a calling to do something bigger than yourself ?

What legacy will you leave on the hearts of others ?

You don’t have to play that big to make a difference , but you can make a difference, you can be the peace maker the dreamer , or the creator of anything you want.


Sally Francis


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