Ripples of Kindness

Feel free to share below how small things impact your life and how you share kindness , maybe by sharing a smile with a stranger, a phone call to someone in pain, paying forward  a gift from your heart , or how you help a charity etc… . We all have unique journeys but I have always found through times of struggle myself  if I have thought about how I can help someone or something my mindset has quickly changed.

After a marriage breakup and a phase of really feeling sorry for myself , I helped some musician friends to fun raise to build an orphanage in Nepal and through that experience I found out so many things about myself namely that life does go on and many humans experience exactly the same emotions and feelings  but by coming together we can also help to do bigger things but each tiny step of the self  can be a monumental journey but the more you practice the easier it becomes.

Ripples of Kindness are just that a space for the collective to share experiences.

My intention here is to help and uplift anyone to take a step into sharing a kindness to inspire others to do the same.

Many blessings Sally


Join the Facebook Page to share your Ripples of  Kindness and how you have helped as by sharing you inspire others to do the same.

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