FULL MOON..in Cancer a Wolf Moon




Full Moon at 22 degrees of cancer but occurring in the constellation of Gemini A Grand Cross with Saturn comes into ease tension between the twins of Gemini this could be a time of explosive moods, extreme passion and deepening intuition.

Sometimes through crisis deeper aspects of ourselves are found.. see anything happening now that is negative as a portal to a new gateway of your life opening, you can;t bring in the new till the old has gone..

A beautiful “stellium” of four planets in Pisces is currently at play (Venus, Neptune, Mars and Chiron), unlocking a fresh surge of self-direction and clarity.
And it all goes down on a 5 Universal day (1 + 12 + 2017 = 2030; 2 + 0 + 3 + 0 = 5), the number of change, freedom and discovery

What happens in the next few weeks could set the ground for the whole year..

The “wolf” moon in the ancient Farmer’s Almanac, this full moon ignites your majestic power, intuition and awareness.
It occurs in the emotional sign of Cancer at 22 degrees, guiding you through January’s 1/1 manifestation portal with intensity and love

This gives you one final opportunity to release any negative habits, fears or energies from the past 9 years that are holding you back from moving confidently into the new “1” Universal Year a day of RELEASE..

Watch out for the BIG SHIFT in every way …

The decisions you make today, under the first full moon of the year will to open yourself up to previously unattainable levels of abundance in your life..

This can be a powerful moon in lots of ways….

Sally Francis -Intuitive Coach
Avalable for Intuitive coaching/readings/EFT
Author of the book REMEMBER WHO YOU TRULY ARE on amazon

Now with 23… 5 star reviews….

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