Posted in March 2013

A prayer for fresh clean water …….

Today I send a huge blessing to all the waters of the world and to all life living life  there and look forward to a time when children can swim in rivers and streams like I used to as a child without so much pollution. We are so advanced in many areas but the use … Continue reading

Your words hold Sound Fractals Sing Your Vibration

 Every single word you speak and sound you make puts on energy into the cosmos and so do the words you write, each leaves it’s own footprint in this continuum called the universe. Dr Emoto’s work has show that words even make patterns , fractals and perfect words can make perfect fractals. Sounds are 3D not “2D … Continue reading

Stand In Your Spirit

Sometimes when your children fall flat on their face it’s a hard one to navigate and when you friends fall flat on their faces it can be even harder ..non judgement often helps.It’s hard to see anyone in pain at any level. I think this generation has been brought up to think that emotions aren’t … Continue reading


  Have faith that if you are here at this time on the planet you are here for a reason you have a soul plan and a soul journey to do something  extraordinary and significant  with your life. It might not always be an easy ride and sometimes you will be stretched to the utmost and … Continue reading