Feel The Feelings of The Wishes Fulfilled



I have shown up being open  being  an open channel and vessel for the divine, for source, for spirit  today as I write this column  to be a conduit and a messenger as with all my writing that is what I think I am.  I try and get my ego out of the way and let  the word just flow through me. I ask for support from my ancestors in spirit, my guides and angels  and ascended masters to use me as a channel being an instrument for divine love to flow in through and too you as you read these words…

We all come into our lives perhaps not knowing  the way or the total way  but what I have found it that when you trust that you  got your self to this amazing planet  you did not do this by mistake that you were called  here or drawn here  at this time on earth, the precise mechanism does not really matter but you intended  and so your consciousness  found a way, the way of your spirit and your soul and at this time.

At this time of year and the holidays we are  often drawn back and to our families  for joy love and  celebrations  but  and for some this can be hard,  depending on your role or how you manifested into that particular family.. Some people will be without families at this time but will hopefully have found their soul families and tribes to celebrate with  but my heart also knows and hears and feels the souls that are reading this now  that maybe alone and this  brings back memories of lost families, lost  homes or people who have been in their lives.

You are never alone, reach out, do not sit in fear thinking you are not loved, you are.

What you put out courageously comes back to you..

If you are alone at this time focus  on service and what you can  do accentuate the positive  make a list of all the great things you have done in your life and work to  bring them back or do more. This life is a journey and an experience  and what a waste it would be if you did not live now your full souls and lives potential.

I am reminded here of woman in their 90’s around the world  who are still working and teaching yoga or who are still speaking  and men  who also pioneer the way and never retire.. If you are stumbling with this  put your name in the centre of a page of paper and ask your spirit and  your  soul what you would like to manifest and have around you at this time.

Focus on the feeling of the wishes fulfilled as your spirit what it need, You might write love, you might serve as by serving someone else you will find who and what you can do  even if you take or make something for a homeless person spend some time with them or spread some kind words.

The winter   can be a really time of inner reflection  this time of year when the  nights draw in and we can be sitting in contemplation about the year and the journey we have had this year. We may be rushing wanting it to be over but yet in this space  I offer a time to reflect and be thankful and grateful for all you have right now in  this time space.

I write to empower and ask you to look around at all you have now in this time space to perhaps make a list and focus with gratitude for all you do have  whatever you may be going through at the moment.. as by doing this the mind will start to see more more opportunities to love , more opportunities to see abundance, more opportunities to  feel peace and more opportunities to know that each and everyone of you is your own channel for peace and good in the world and what ever has gone on before in your life everyday is a new  day to paint and create it however you like…

With families the more you focus on seeing the peace, the kindness and the goodness in someone the more  of that will   be shown, this applies to anyone you come into contact with. We attract and reflect back to the people around us  the vibration that we are.. and that might be hard to hear if we are not in a good space at the moment.. what I do know is the more you see the world through the eyes of  love  the more it shines back to you..

The more you focus on love not fear the more the world reflects that back to you..

Kindness can often coming back in  miraculous ways and often not through the people you expect.

With the world changing in so many ways  it it so so powerful now to be your own conduit for peace and to spread it around  and don’t think you can’t it might be to just do this in a small way to smile at some people to stop and spread a kind word, see everyone around you as a spirit just doing their best at the time, this is hugely healing to look at everyone through the eyes of compassion the eyes of.. you are just doing the best you can with the knowledge you  have.

There are always new days to create new stories, always days to create new vision, new  dreams new loves at every level  and sometimes going back to families will bring up stuff from the past old childhood patterns, old stories , but when you are conscious you can be a beam of light not buying into any gossip   any old pattern any old behaviours.. forgiving and forgetting, bringing peace love and kindness to all  whose lives you.. touch at this time.

You are a powerful creator and co-creator with spirit  and when you listen to divine guidance and when you act with heart consciousness miracles can happen..

I ask you also to really love yourself at this time really ask you to love yourself fully and whole heartedly at this time  knowing that you are enough just for breathing, and being alive at this moment.. You are enough.

Place your hands on your heart  and tell yourself that now and yes some tears might flow but that is ok… after tears the magic always happens the love always  springs up.. know you are loved eternally and by all your spirit ancestors  and they are always there to guide and help you should you chose to listen and ask them for support…. right be hind you there are ancestors who have also had there journeys  or  love and journeys or  finding out….. and they think you are so precious just as you are…

I wish you so many blessings at this time of year…. and look forward to chatting again in the New Y ear… I never aimed to write the perfect post I just asked  for guidance and asked to be the  instrument…
I wish you much peace and love  and many blessings at this time

Love Sally   xx





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