You Are Love At Your Core…

When you start to unravel yourself, when you sit in silence and reflect upon who you really are you may get a glimmer of your pure self once you peel back the layers of the outer beliefs the noise of your ego, the distractions of your soul, when you sit in silence, you start to remember who you are at a soul level the reason you incarnated, the love essence of you.
You are at your essence love nothing else.
Knowing you are love sets you free to be all that you came here to be, love sets you free to see through new eyes of consciousness, through new eyes of grace and of purity. Love sets you free to realise that you are and will always be connected to everything, that you have existed at infinitum on the journey of your soul, that you chose a journey of awakening to that love inside and all around you.
Love frees you to the boundaries that you enclose yourself with, love sets you free to be all that you can be. ”
Love Sally x


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