New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces February 26th 2017

Full on NEW moon and Pisces Solar Eclipse,  alot coming up with many fire planets at play but there’s also an undercurrent of the divine feminine now coming through alot of old wounds coming up to be healed but also there can be betrayals and deception being played out particularly in the global arena

Deep wounding of ourselves and of the earth is coming up the earth is also crying out to be healed at this time and raging against the human psyche that is trashing her.

The goddesses are coming out more and more being teased out of the collective unconscious at the moment by the craziness that is happening on the political stages, they are being forced into rebelllion of the old masculine ways of doing things the old Pisces energy that fights for survival . The new Aquarian energy wanting to be collaborative, nurturing and healing being inclusive of everyone..

There is a sense of the old from the Pisces era’s back in the 1850’s coming out to be healed old old stuff surfacing again as though we are seeing a new suffragette energy rising to the surface in response to the old patriachy who are playing it out big and strong my towers bigger than yours, essentially the old paradigm more and more not being enough now as this is old consciousness .

How much more can you have till you are satisfied ?
My egos’s bigger than yours at play like duelling brothers who end up killing themselves through their own power struggles The biggest and the best the not helping the world as a collective energy but also on personal levels not being enough as enough has to be found inside each of us individually at this time…

There’s an undercurrent of the divine a calm caring wisdom rising up now and at this time it is about going inward and doing deep deep healing of your own psyche as the outer world reflects the inner demons when we all close the doors and are see by the divine behind the masks.. there’s no fooling the divine now and authenticity is the name of the game there are no more places to hide, you can’t fool the goddess energy at this time you might have thought you could. She sees you very very clearly.

Collectively we are feeling the earth heart as well and we all tune in and share the collective energy of the quantum fields which we are all entangled with of earth and all people here, On personal levels the healing is happening and it’s deep and it’s painful for some as we are being ripped open to receive in new energies of sacred divinity the divinity that is within us all.. Some of us really feel the collective pain of the earth and people at this time. Ask what is yours and what is anothers.

Focus on your joy and be in the moment at this time be mindful of where and to whom your energy flows.. Learn to say NO if you need to .. be very very aware of your own boundaries.

You did not come here for an easy ride this time around you came her to be the full expression of yourself, wounds and all., the shadow and the light

Watch out for betrayal and deception at this time but also watch out for the the stronger warrior energy coming through the energy that supports the goddess as she brings in new light to the planet..

Time to stay focused on your mission …even if you have to take courage through the pain at this time stay aligned to your purpose and say no if you have to missions, new visions and greater purposes are arising it may feel as if the rug has been pulled form under your feet at times but when you are down you are in receptive mode …LISTEN …..

New energy is coming in ……

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