My life’s been a bit like painting a canvas I’ve loved doing different things, I am a creative energy 

I recently recorded 3 songs to INSPIRE  you ……

I love  doing different things  I trained and worked as a mainstream  teacher initially but   have  now have clients around the  world whom I’ve COACHED  intuitively – read my testimonials 

I’m an EFT Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and SOUL PLAN READER 

 I have helped   facilitating  POSITIVE INSPIRATIONAL DAYS  and   Angel events working with meditation and doing EFT in a group and giving people practical tools to take their lives forwards .

I’ve been the the Mind Body Spirit columnist in the new  free creative   tabloid “Laissez Faire London” and helped with the start up and launch.

 I am  currently also writing two books one adult and a children’s one to empower them.  

 I trained as a Teacher in Biology/PE and Art  and then went on to study Special needs and work in the support service for a local authority but have taught just about everything from Dance to Music  in whole school from  maths to English , football to tennis you name it I’ve probably taught it. 🙂

Have worked with some  children who schools have labelled as unteachable, and I loved putting the sparkle back into their eyes. I have taught thousands of children. Probably taught in about 200  schools and around 10,000 children and  have a huge snapshot in my head of the education system in England. 

Have played Volleyball for England youth and U20 squads. Memories of really exciting times where I pushed myself to the limits of what a human body could do in terms of exercise. I often trained for 10 hours a day.I then went on to help coach and referree adults with Volleyball and help run a Club.

Gained a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Studies in Education (Special Needs) and hope at some stage to finish my Masters Degree as I have helped thousands of children to meditate that’s my special interest at the moment .

 I am fascinated by linking movement to learning and can’t understand how we just don’t seem to get the correlation between the two in education. I think people who are in their bodies are probably the cleverest people on the planet. If you move your body you shift your emotions and all the blocks and the energy circulating.

I have worked in Business and hold an HNC in Business Studies.I worked doing management accounting and designed my own gardens in three houses and have  Certificate in Garden design – I just adore nature and walking and  will always be found roaming by rivers or water

Am fascinated by and regularly practice Tai chi, Chi Gong and Meditation. I  have consistently used visualisations in my life.I  love acupuncture and see the relationship between it and tai chi it’s powerful. I understand the laws of the universe and have seen the power of them in my own life.

I have helped  a Charity build an Orphanage in Nepal in my spare time with PR and Fundraising and advertising and helped to spot musicians.  www.music4children.org  It’s been wonderful to see the orphanage going up..  

I   helped in advertising with PR ,  storyboarding  and spread awareness,  set up Mission Statements and justgiving etc…. We had some wonderful weekends with the charity, dancing in Battersea Park through rain or shine .

Today I find myself with wonderful friends and some great mentors who I also wish to help as I believe that this is a world which is changing rapidly and synergy is very powerful. We are whatever we believe ourselves to be,  it’s the story we tell ourselves that counts.

Oh yes and I love life and living !

Have the most wonderful day or evening 🙂

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Do drop me an email if you are interested in my services   at sallyfrancis3@gmail.com and sign up to my website to receive my newsletters

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