Intuitive Coaching~Psychic Readings

 Intuitive coaching or readings  by Sally
This can be via phone or skype – sallyjfrancis
This can be arranged via skype  or phone or in person

You can email me at to book a call

Or call me 07450547552  and leave a message or speak to me for a few minutes to work out a time.

                  I  charge   £35 for 15 minutes 
                   I charge    £60 for 40 minutes
                    I charge  £80  per hour
My gift  and ability has helped me to help thousands  of people over the space of 20 years  and I am skilled at what  I  do I have learnt  to hone my ability to see solutions, paths and avenues in many contexts both personally and in business.
My clients may be lawyers and psycotherapists  and CEOs of companires  and psychics and healers and coaches over the course of 20 years. I am able to work with anyone who presents  to me and I respond accordingly.
I have supported many many jump to new heights both personally and professionally.

I have helped  people to set up business and launch projects,,

I encourage  and motivate  you to  clear blocks.

I am able  to see your potential and give you tools to help you  but everything is always your free choice and free will and I believe this strongly.  I don’t give magical solutions but empower you  to do what feels right for you.

I never know what I am going to say as I just tune into your energy. I don’t believe I do anything magical I just believe I can tune in to see things clearly  and I get my ego out of the way when I do this.

As a trained scientist I am myself always questioning how I do this and as such I believe that  I am just highly intuitive  and have learnt to say exactly what I feel or see.

I always trust the information I am given and say it how it is I often don’t need to have you say much at all, but ever session is different.

A great intuitive session  will empower you to do all the things that you have in your spirit and soul to do and reflect that back to you,


“Sally Francis has finally, after years of me suggesting it, opened her online doors for her special brand of psychic reading and intuitive counselling and I strongly recommend her”

Stephen Russell –  The Barefootdoctor

Manuela Stoerzer Vogt (The Walking Guru)

“Sally has been an inspiration from the beginning and bundles of encouragement thought in helping me visualise the concept of Laissez Faire London. She  is a beacon of light in times of muddled thinking and can always been relied upon.”
Oliver Tang
Laissez Faire London

“It without doubt helped me to take my power and give me tools to keep it, which is huge for me, there were other things to but in general I am hard to read for as I am blessed with a great life and all is calm, but you touched on a huge issue being my power ….and I can’t state how big that is  “


“SALLY FRANCIS is naturally gifted in a way that is quite extraordinary to behold. I have seen her tell people things about themselves that it would be impossible for her to know. She cannot explain how she knows only that she has to tell them what she is seeing on an intuitive level.
Many times she will do this without even seeing the person face to face by just speaking to them over the phone. On one occasion she saw a photograph of my great grandfather and immediately she said that saw him tailoring uniforms, which was absolutely true as he was a tailor for Japanese officers.
Besides her psychic ability she is able to intuit what people should be doing in their lives, tuning into their talents. “I can see you being this…” she would say, and told a therapist that he should be publishing his own newspaper, which was a secret dream of his. Call it telepathy, intuition, psychic ability, it is always correct.
Further to this, Sally operates from a place of love: spreading happiness to all she meets and changing frowns into smiles and giving encouragement to the sad and depressed. It is from this place of tranquillity that Sally is able to use her gifts to give guidance and coaching to hundreds of people.
May her work continue, and may it be your good fortune to meet her.”
Brian Mills
Author and therapist.
“Sally your positive mental attitude is infectious! When I was a child I was made to play with other children who had chicken pox, german measles, mumps, etc to catch it to gain immunity. Meeting you was like the adult experience of catching a completely positively focussed mind set, giving immunity against negative mental thought patterns!  Thank you for your commitment to love and healing.”
” Blimey Sally you’re psychic intuitive skills are amazing!!
 Keep doing it, truly its a gift.
 Dad, David, Reg, Eric, Doris.. all family and an old lover.. incredible..
Reg was my grandad, Eric was my grandad, Doris an aunty, Dad, and David who passed over a few years back.
Am stunned!!! “
Sally was very intuitive from the word go. She didn’t say this or that was going to happen but rather tuned into my situation and then offered many suggestions and tips for how to make things better.
 There were a few ideas floating around the ether that I have and she helped me to focus on the best way to achieve them. Her energy is very positive and I feel inspired by our conversation. Thus, I would recommend her highly. 🙂
Intuitive coaching by Sally

This can be via phone or skype – sallyjfrancis

I charge £40 for 30 mins or £80 per hour.

This can be arranged via skype  or phone

You can email me at

Have a lovely day !

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