Love People Back to Themselves

When people may have fallen out of alignment with who they are through shame or guilt or loss etc. you have to love them back to themselves, back to who they are.
When someone falls off track you have to be mindful to love the other person back to themselves.

People can fall out of their own energetic alignment of who they are at a soul level if they have not had solid positive re-enforcement at a soul and spirit level in childhood or throughout their lives, even as adults we need those positive people around us to support and encourage us.

By this I mean you reflect back all the good parts, their strengths, the parts they have perhaps forgotten, the wonderful positive aspects of themselves.
This means seeing the positive aspects of others, no one likes being criticised, everyone will either shut down and hide or react and get angry.

When you love others back to themselves you remove the negative parts, you remove the critic and the critical language. You speak words of kindness and of love, you only speak and focus on the positive aspects of that person or that child, you love them back to themselves the true spirit of who they are the No one thrives on having negative aspects reflected back to them at any level. The negative aspects of one person are often the things the other person does not like in themselves.
Criticism is often just a reflection projection.

I bet if you think about it you will admire, respect or love anyone in your life who has given you positive feedback, positive re-enforcement, positive love and kindness you will remember them fondly.

When you reflect back to anyone their good aspects the things you love about them you will watch them shine.

Pay someone a compliment or just really praise a loved one, o a sibling, a mother, father, neighbour or work colleague and watch them change.
Find something to reflect back what you love about them or you like, it may only be what someone is wearing, it may be the colour of their eyes it may be a mannerism or a habit of something you think they are great at. Just change your focus to that of loving them.

When you love someone back to themselves, you embrace the loving beautiful sides of their soul, the aspects you find pleasing and perhaps the ones that resonate with you, your more pleasing aspects of your own soul.

You see them whole and complete, you visualise them happy and laughing and smiling again and you hold the vision for yourself or for the other even for a few moments a day with consistency you will start to re-frame how you feel about someone and the person will feel it, you will also feel it if you start saying positive things to yourself catch yourself when you have negative thoughts and flip them around..
When you love someone back to themselves you see the diamond in the rocks, you see the gem and the sparkle of who they really are, the soul behind the body, the spirit sitting in the body the perfection of who they are, the love at their core, you accept the core of someone without the judgement, you see the soul.

That is loving someone back to themselves…

You can also do this with yourself, love yourself back to a positive alignment.

Sally Francis

Copyright (0) 2016

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