Words and energy…..

I learnt how powerful words are particularly as a teacher and as a parent and now with my clients .

As child we are never taught about the energy around words nor their impact on any body.. We are taught with writing that words are spelling but not the meaning, they are coded energy taken and received by another. We are taught how words impact and just one word or a phase can be held in someones body for years or decades…

Never speak in a place of reaction. Pause and breathe if you are unsure or even say I don’t know. I help so many of my clients see that they do not to react they can take a higher ground and place. Energy seeks energy..

Sometimes people don’t want to speak at all and that is ok too.. I work with many mothers with children

Ask yourself does this person need to be validated for what they are saying or do you ? Are they looking for advice or are you ? Or are they looking for a connection or are you ?

Sometimes people are just looking for a connection and you could say anything in return…or just give a hug ?

Sometimes hugs say more than words.. and as they say silence is GOLDEN…. x

  Love Sally

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