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Being Empowered

Walking and saying your talk, your purpose and your passion or passions , when you are in the flow of your higher consciousness that is guiding you. Being who you truly are.. we all flow in and out of this state ..but catch yourself when you are empowered and go towards it to not away from … Continue reading

Love is in the air…………………

  Love is in the air ……………………when we stay in love with life and fall out of fear and the fear vibration. We always have a choice in every situation between choosing love or fear, with relationships and with ourselves and with all the news and information we listen to. We can choose the love … Continue reading

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love “It’s a deep powerful force that is in the universe that touches souls, it’s has no sense of time or space and spreads out light years in to the eons of time and it is so beautiful . It melts the hearts of angels and all sentient beings enveloping them in softness and … Continue reading