Holistic Therapies

 Emotional Freedom Technique

Working on and with the energy meridians of the body that are used in Chinese medicine and acupuncture  and tapping to shift the energetic frequency of the body and the cellular memories you hold to do with pain , illness. emotional states and illness.

I just trained with Level 1 and 2 with EFT which is the emotional freedom technique which works by tapping on the meridian lines of the body as used in accupuncture but with out the needles 🙂

I am now taking on people for cases studies to complete the course to be a registered practioner but have already seen leaps in others people lives with whom I have worked already and it’s been great to recieve the feedback to date.

It’s the energy psychology of  the future and it’s so exciting !


Bennie Naude  

A man with a huge heart and intellect whose on a mission to spread EFT to the world.  Bennie is training people with EFT  and I have been fortunate wo work with him myself and recieve training with him.  If you want to find out more about the Emotional Freedom technique to cut through blocks  book a call with him or sign up for his coming webinars .

 Checkout his sites at

www.deepliving.com , 




Highly recommended Charles Wansbrough who lectures in Homeopathy and has knowledge second to none with dealing with all kinds of ailments of the mind body and soul.  Homeopathy works on the emotional states of people and works to break and change the imprinting held in the psyche and the root problems and family patterning that you might have taken on. A brilliant man who trained as a dentist so has the medical knowledge as well. Charles lectures in homeopathy and works with the techniques and equipment that are at the forefront of thinking.


Back Care Pain Clinic

Bake care pain clinic – awsome technolgy and treatment from Irene Philips who works with manipulation of the spine using a machine and has stopped many people needing operations etc. She got me up and running many, many  years ago when I was laid flat and with chronic nerve pain and on loads of painkillers , within a week I was off pain killers and walking properly and I had been in agony. I have had no trouble since –  If you don’t want to be on painkillers certainly worth a call to find out.  


Pain Relief World Summit


I use hypnosis all the time, it’s the dream state you go into just before sleep, just deep relaxation and very, very helpful to release blocks in your subconscious mind. It’s helped me release stuff, take on challenges , give me confidence, help me sleep, stopped me procrastinating, Wake up happy etc .I personally recommend the products of this Hypnotherapist Wendi at wendi.com

I researched hypnosis for a long time.

If you like the cosy feeling you get just before you go to sleep that’s the state you go into with hypnosis, you are aware and cannot take on any suggestions that you don’t want to. We all naturally go into hypnotic states during the day with our brains we do it naturally it’s nothing to be scared of it’s just like having a meditation , you are aware.  You can’t be hypnotised unless you want to, it’s just like programming yourself with good information , rather than the TV !

Click on the link below to take you to her products:



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