“Sally Francis has finally, after years of me suggesting it, opened her online doors for her special brand of psychic reading and intuitive counselling and I strongly recommend her”

Stephen Russell –  The Barefootdoctor

Manuela Stoerzer Vogt (The Walking Guru)

‘Sally has brought focus, clarity and lightness to my life when I most needed it, for which I’ll forever be grateful.

Her approach is a natural, upbeat combination of intuitive foresight and downright good old fashioned practical advice.

She is truly gifted in that she is able to gently empower other’s lives and tune into their needs.  She has shown a wonderful knack of seeing what’s ahead for me…including when I’d get a wonderful new job and meeting my husband, which came out of the blue!

Put simply the world is a richer place for having people like Sally in it doing such amazing work.’

Hannah, Glasgow

Thank you for such an incredible intuitive reading and coaching. I got the best of both worlds. Amazing how the universe brought me to your meditation and art webpage. I look forward to our next when I’m back in London – Khensa

“Sally has been an inspiration from the beginning and bundles of encouragement thought in helping me visualise the concept of Laissez Faire London. She  is a beacon of light in times of muddled thinking and can always been relied upon.”
Oliver Tang
Laissez Faire London

“It without doubt helped me to take my power and give me tools to keep it, which is huge for me, there were other things to but in general I am hard to read for as I am blessed with a great life and all is calm, but you touched on a huge issue being my power ….and I can’t state how big that is  “


“SALLY FRANCIS is naturally gifted in a way that is quite extraordinary to behold. I have seen her tell people things about themselves that it would be impossible for her to know. She cannot explain how she knows only that she has to tell them what she is seeing on an intuitive level. Many times she will do this without even seeing the person face to face by just speaking to them over the phone. On one occasion she saw a photograph of my great grandfather and immediately she said that saw him tailoring uniforms, which was absolutely true as he was a tailor for Japanese officers.
Besides her psychic ability she is able to intuit what people should be doing in their lives, tuning into their talents. “I can see you being this…” she would say, and told a therapist that he should be publishing his own newspaper, which was a secret dream of his. Call it telepathy, intuition, psychic ability, it is always correct.
Further to this, Sally operates from a place of love: spreading happiness to all she meets and changing frowns into smiles and giving encouragement to the sad and depressed. It is from this place of tranquillity that Sally is able to use her gifts to give guidance and coaching to hundreds of people.
May her work continue, and may it be your good fortune to meet her.”
Brian Mills
Author and therapist.
“Sally your positive mental attitude is infectious! When I was a child I was made to play with other children who had chicken pox, german measles, mumps, etc to catch it to gain immunity. Meeting you was like the adult experience of catching a completely positively focussed mind set, giving immunity against negative mental thought patterns!  Thank you for your commitment to love and healing.”
” Blimey Sally you’re psychic intuitive skills are amazing!!
  Keep doing it, truly its a gift.
 Dad, David, Reg, Eric, Doris.. all family and an old lover.. incredible..
Reg was my grandad, Eric was my grandad, Doris an auntie, Dad, and David who passed over a few years back.
Am stunned!!! “
Sally was very intuitive from the word go. She didn’t say this or that was going to happen but rather tuned into my situation and then offered many suggestions and tips for how to make things better.  There were a few ideas floating around the ether that I have and she helped me to focus on the best way to achieve them. Her energy is very positive and I feel inspired by our conversation. Thus, I would recommend her highly. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Sally is truly amazing a beautiful kind lady she can put a nervous soul at ease she picked up on my mum and helped me see the next steps on my journey l hope to have many contacts with her in the future thank you Sally

  2. Serendipity and synchronicity worked their magic and brought Sally my way. Great insight , questions answered , reassurance given . Ask and you will receive

  3. When I first met Sally, I found her very captivating, she mesmerized me and a group of my friends with tales of previous lives we may have had. I really saw a courageous woman who was not afraid to speak her truth. Further to this experience I also had a private session with Sally where she used emotional freedom techniques to calm my mind and help me to naturally find the answer to a question I had.

  4. I’ve known Sally for a few years now – and she has on several occasions before now, manages to pickup on things purely intuitively level – and has proved unbelievably accurate! Bear in mind that she is capable within that if identifying some very acute – and key – real-world business factors.
    Again, on this level alone, she has proved time and again to be very accurate in both her predictions and accuracy of outcome. She is also as intuitive with things on a personal relationship level as well.

    There are people out there charging an absolute fortune for their services as per ported ‘psychics’ and business advisors / gurus – who I frankly I wouldn’t pay with the holes in washers!

    Sally is real – and really should be charging a fortune for her services!


  5. Sally is absolutely amazing ! There are truly no words to describe the unconditional luv that radiates thru her being❤️ Such an honor and a privilege to get a session with her😇
    She is so talented and Divinely guided. She picked up on my amazing Grandmother immediately upon contact 😊
    If ur just thinking about booking an appointment, that is ur higher self urging u to make that soul connection🙏🏻
    U will fall in luv with her as much as I have ❤️

  6. Feed back from clients

    Very clear,and compassionate reader. Her voice has warmth and clarity. You could speak to her for a long period. Sally directs you well. She is brilliant for personal growth which is what I am about. Thank you. Carma

    Had a reading with Sally last week, I have never known any psychic to have been so in tune with me, truly gifted, highly recommend this one. Thank you Sally X Pat

    What an amazing lady. Very lovely to speak to and very accurate, so spot on. Would definitely recommend and I look forward to my next reading with you. I would like to recommend the book , .’remember who you truly are ‘ . Have not been able to put it down.. Read a lot of books and this one is the best by far. So much just in one book, love it and so pleased you wrote it. Thank you Sally, you are gifted and a beautiful soul , love Karen x

    Thank you Sally for your confirmations and amazingly accurate and timely details around my questions. Loved talking to you and will let you know what happens.

    Lovely lady puts you at ease and is like talking to a friend, connected straight away and was spot on with everything! Told me what I already thought in my head without me having to say anything
    Thank you for a lovely reading.

    I’m surprised Sally hasn’t received much testimonials. She gives a good reading and very caring. I would recommend her. xxx miles

    Such an amazing reader and individual . Very gracious and kind. She has a wonderful calming reader – I literally had chills throughout our reading as we connected straight away . I was astounded at how she knew certain details . Truly one of the best in my opinion. Many thanks Sally

    Lovely warm kind lady S x

  7. I’ve been connect to Sally for over a year now and have finally had a healing. I just had to share that she is highly affective and in tune as a healer. As a fellow healer I always appreciate when you receive a healing that has profound results. Sally thank you so very much for what you do and an amazing healing. I am very appreciative and grateful. And I highly recommend! Namaste xx

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