Inspirational Music

Everyone can sing, you don’t have to be brilliant you just have to try and it’s in the trying that you may discover your voice . It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks it only matters what you think and you are healing your body at a cellular level by producing sounds . We are all meant to make sounds, we were given voices and the healing effects of sound are apparent throughout the universe. I have loved teaching  music and singing with children throughout my life in various schools . Chris James has a great exercise to free you up and sing in the bath or the car .  Go on have a go !  I did and scared the cats outside 🙂

Tim Wheater

Having seen Tim Wheater and met him in person , he truly breathes an essence of magic not just in his music but in his whole prescence. He healed himself of a debilitating illness through music and sound and has spent his life sharing his magical gift.

“Golden Light ” is just one of many of his  awesome recordings and CD’s  which is magical

“His five star recordings are a consistent part of his creative activity. Furthermore, he enjoys performing his uniquely melodic and distinctive music at concerts, festivals and events throughout the world. Over the years, his original recordings have been used globally by leading therapists, healers, thinkers and communicators to transmit a message of powerful good vibrations. Tim believes that we are all beings on a precious life journey of discovery, of ourselves, our surroundings and our fellow beings. Through experience, he has learned to teach the transmutation of fear and negativity into a positive message of peace and inner and outer love.”

Daniel Tyler Pohnke – “Full Moon Rising”

Absolutely awesome music from the heart and soul of Daniel who is on a mission to spread love and healing to the world through his music

Free download to some wonderful music – hope you buy the album from this beautiful soul on the planet who spreads love wherever he goes travelling

Lee Harris

Beautiful video set in Brighton with words to inspire you !</a

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