You Are Not Your Mind You Are So So Much More..

You are not your mind, you are so much more. Your true spirit dances with the dance of love, a soft and joyful essence, a bright and brilliant future, when you strip away all the layers that you have piled upon you.

See yourself through loving eyes, the loving eyes of you, for when you do the universe and world will see you, too. Inside you shines a light so magnificent and powerful that if you could only see what I could see you would never doubt yourself again.

You were sent with a light, the spirit of you, to illuminate and spread joy to others. Remember your mission and why you came here, remember your soul purpose, for the more you allow and trust it to come to you, the more you can complete your life’s mission.

Abundance of love, joy, peace and harmony is your birthright and the calling of your soul, so relax and let go of any worries or fears. When you stop complaining to yourself about what you haven’t done or should have done and get to see that actually you do have enormous gifts, you start to see grace enter your life, you start to feel your life in a whole new way, you stop beating yourself up.

When you allow grace to enter your life you start to feel your way into everything in a much softer way. Life does not have to be forced. It comes through you when you let it rise up in your soul and it has an energy that breathes with you.

It is inclusive and expansive, not limiting, and it is without definition. When you allow this grace to enter your life you begin to shine with your own power, your own essence, the true beauty of who you are.

When you shine brighter and lighter and higher and take ownership of this power that is within you and allow it to come through, you transcend your difficulties –you own your spirit.

Love that essence dearly, love the essence of who you are. Remember, you were made with gifts, you were made to shine with the essence of who you are to all around you through your work and your play, so live your essence, live your spirit “


Sally Francis – from my book “Remember Who You Truly Are” on amazon

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