Being exactly who you are warts and all shadow and light side showing up in the world with your own authencity to own your good parts but also your woblles voicing your vulnerabilities as there is no one like you and why should there ever be.

Not trying to be your perfect self your own goody two shoes all the time , understanding that the universe can reward you as well for all the tiems you have shown up for others, but not being afraid to own the fact you are tired or burnout or wornout or struggling when you need to

Being human with a big H.. not being a robot who exhausts themselves to please others over and over

Being just yourself and saying it how it is , no afraid to say when you are upset or afraid or challenged, knowing that it is completely naturally to share your highs as well as you lows in life being honest in your communication when you need to be..

Not worrying what people think if you do not engage or show up to their party or their event or occassion.

. Being able to go alone when you need to to do self care and self love because you value yourself as much as you value others..

Knocking the perfectionist rap into kick when you need to. giving friends a wide birth when you need and want to doingb the same with family when self presevation is in order. not worrying blaming nor shaming yourself .. Being vulnerablity about the amount of energy and time you have to yourself and to others

Being just yourself

As you are ENOUGH exactly as you are

LOve Sx..

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