International Womens Day

.Honour the feminine in yourself the yin aspects, the receiving, the nurturing the caring qualities in yourself and the ones you see in others..

The feminine energies of love and kindness, empathy and compassion are needed today in the masculine as well and we are seeing more and more how men to are not afraid to show these qualities.

The feminine essence is what brings us all here we all come from our mothers we all are brought here by women every single one of us that spirit of creation sparks us up as tiny cells cells filled with magic wisdom and delight sweet essence of the feminine that is gentle kind and caring and all to often now those magical qualities are shunned in the fast paced world that is around today with the be more have more and push push push of the masculine always striving for more be more do more have more.

But what if you also balanced your life with the feminine where you honour the yin hour the deepest part of you the soft side of you the side that is not afraid to be vulnerable not afraid to cry or be soft kind and caring receptive.

Take the masks off to show your beautiful light, the goddess the essence of a magic maybe the sensual side the soft silky presence of who you are

Let your guard down to receive the wisdom of the feminine…..

Sally Francis
Author of the book Remember Who You Truly Are.

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