The Power of Prayer

Dear God and Angels, Higher Ascended Masters and Beings

We pray that you shine the divine light of love on all the souls that are awake and are awakening now.

We ask that all souls are cleared of fear and that a joy and love state now ascends to the earth to guide and keep our loved ones safe

We ask for protection from lower minds and entities who are playing our their karma in ways that they may not even be aware of.

We ask for more and more people wake up out of the fear narrative at this time and find their own inner truth and light.

We pray for the animals and the oceans, the plant kingdom and the insects, birds and bees that they flourish more and more at this time.

We pray for PEACE on this earth at this time and a return to our sovereign selves and sovereign body awareness and consciousness.

We pray for our power and our love to ignite at this time to see the way, the true way of our hearts and our true Souls guidance.

When we trust we see a bright bright future and are not impacted by lower energies at this time.

We strive to seek much much higher consciousness and to Remember Who We Truly Are…divine infinite and powerful beings here at this time speaking in live and divine wisdom and guidance As we ripple out our love and speak our truth so others will do the same…So be it …



For Coaching,Readings and Soul Plans and EFT

Author of the book Remember Who You Truly Are….on amazon which has taken off by word of mouth to thousands of people It as it is helping people at this time shift through the chaos

Please review it if you have already purchased it really helps me to get the book to more people who may be helped by my book

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