World Mental Health Day..

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1) Breathe
2) Know that everything passes in time
3) Your thoughts create your reality.
4) Many of your thoughts are not true
5) Stop judging yourself based on the past
6) Be in the know
7) Every moment s a new moment
8) The past is gone
9) You are not who you were yesterday
10) Forgive yourself and others you will have less suffering
11) Know everyone carries deep shit around at some level
12) Stop trying to be perfect
13) You are a divine being here at this moment for some big reason that maybe you ave not even realised yet
14) Love you, love you imperfections you are unique
15) Don’t try and clone you just be you
16) Do something different everyday, walk in  nature, nature heals ground and reconnects you to your own energetic  fields as do  plant foods
17) Every change starts with a step
18) You manifested to the planet that was the hard bit
19) Stop and look around staring at a screen everyday all day will not help you
20) Move every single day multiple times in fact if you can be upright all day you will feel better
21) Sing , dance like a while man or women just because you can , shake out any negative energy..
22 ) Create something paint draw, write, sew, knit crochet, build something sculpt even if you just do it for yourself. creativity takes you into a new dimension.
23) Watch funny movies you cannot think a sad though and be smiling at the same time
24) Reach out.. do not isolate yourself go to a cafe be around people
25) Go and serve join a charity volunteer you will build your self esteem little by little
26) Buy a pet .. you will get unconditional love
27) Reach out to family what ever you have gone through in the past there is always a moment for reconciliation, be brave send love everything is healed with love everything.
28) Hurt people hurt people know that everyone is flawed.
29) be the higher light be conscious in all you say to yourself all you think and all you do
30) Make a list of all the things that bring you JOY.. get silly go and play..

Namaste Sally xx

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