How about we surrogate Tap for PEACE at the moment… in the world.

“EVEN though there is all this talk  and chaos  in the world,  I love and completely honour respect and love myself anyway

Even though there is all this crazy energy around in the media and the world I CHOOSE To feel and seek PEACE right here right now   I  AM safe

Even though all this talk  and choas  frightens me and I feel like an alien with all the so called leaders in the world I CHOOSE to feel calm and PEACEFUL NOW

Even though my heart wants PEACE and I am hearing all  this division energy and  divide in the world  I choose to stand in PEACE KINDNESS

Even though feel upset and angry or ashamed of all the world leaders I CHOOSE now to be a BEACON OF PEACE AND KINDNESS AND LOVE   at this time

Even though there is so much negativity I CHOOSE NOW to FOCUS ON LOVE KINDNESS JOY AND HAPPINESS

Even though people all around the world at this moment are scared and frightened and lonely I CHOOSE TO SEND LOVE into the ether at this time to open all the hearts and minds of all involved to come to reason now

Even though the world feels like it is at a tipping point I CHOOSE to sense feel and BE LOVE and become more filled with LOVE AND NOT FEAR

I ask for everyone to be filled with LOVE AND TO PLACE A HUGE LOVE BEAM In my heart and I radiate that around me


I call upon beings of the HIGHEST LIGHT AND LOVE now to help to guide the hearts and souls of all involved and to surround and protect all my family my neighbourhood and friends to know PEACE in their HEARTS ..


Tapping points  at this  place and details of  sessions  https://sallyjfrancis.com/eft-emotional-freedom-coaching/

Love Sally x

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