Stay in the Light …. Higher Consciousness

You have been placed strategically around the world to hold the light if you identify as a lightworker, someone who chooses to act in higher consciousness and maybe transmute the darkness where you live and to the people around you you may be an empath someone who feels deeply and transmutes others pain you may be a guide or a mentor or a mother or father who are working but who always seek to do good things in the world and help the world and others, you seek to work but not trample on others in order to make your living or way in the world.. You gain oyur power by empowering not belitttleing people or putting others down.

This may also just be by your very prescence you anchor the energy in your home in your area or the communityYou may have brought harmony to a place if you remember what has happened in the last 5 years if you look back you will see the huge shift that has happened.

You may have been releasing energetically ancestral karma in your family by your prescence or your non physical prescence and you may not be understood or even understand yourselfBut by the end of the year you will know how and why all the events have played out collectively and personally. You may have also been picking up the collective grief in the world and think it is yours if you area full blown empath this may have been a tough time but know this energy is not yours, you may have a heightened sensitivity at this time.

Stay checking in with yourself clearing your energy and visioning a new world ..It is comingYou may strike up new friendships for moments or hours Do not be afraid to connect and talk and share wisdom.People are comforted by knowing they are not alone at this time.

Take courage and do not forget the joy at this time as well.

The darkness is alchemised by noticing the light.Remember your gifts and why you came here.If things in the outer world seem so out of harmony with who you are at the moment it is because they are.You maybe watching and feeling the collective grief at the moment coming up and out of people.

We are purging the past to create the newIt will be the new.Take your courage and also bring your faith with you at this time.

Bring up the light from the flames of the Phoenix Rise..speak your truth…Your radiant light is needed

Stay in joy, stay in love and love for yourself make time to really have times of positive energy during the day notice your gifts.

Feel yourself living in a very joyful future

Change is coming..

Love ~Sally Francis x

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