The Ego Loves To Chase Things but What if You allowed Instead

As humans we are often chasing things jobs, careers status people you name it the human ego loves to chase to show that it is worthy but what if you never chased anymore you just allowed.

Allow the whole universe in and to expand into your own prescence and essence in its highest form.

What if there were no striving, no contriving to be anything other than who you are with all your foibles all your wobbles and wobbly bits, that you just allowed the grace and the essence of you to come forward that you no longer had to prove yourself to anyone for your existence that you just sort each day to express yourself out into the universe in whichever way showed up for you that day ?

That you honoured all the pain and the shame and you stopped beating yourself up for anything you did or did not do.

What if you knew it was all perfect now exaclty now that you came here into this life to learn the lessons and the blessings and it was all exactly as it was meant to be,

What if you now summoned the grace of your own eternal prescence to come through you and show you the way and the next step by allowing what was meant to show up and you just allowed it in ?

What if you felt the energy and listening to whether this person or job felt right for you that you no longer gave your power away to things that were not in alignment with your highest calling on the planet at this time?

What if you just being was enough and you had nothing to prove to anyone nor to yourself ?

What if ?

Namaste Sally x

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Sally Francis


Sally Francis

Author, Intuitive Coach, EFT, Columnist,Teacher

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