Conscious Leadership in a Chaotic World

Massive egos do not make great leaders its flexible minds, humilty and compassion and the ability of a leader to inspire flexible minds tolerance and resilience..

A great leader needs to lead and juggle all the balls in a society and know that every single person on the planet has a part to play in the collective.. Peaceful resolution and conflict negotiating skils will be the qualties of great leaders with the courage and strength to be the light leaders in times of chaos..

Our medias pursuit to bring TV characters to light as leaders will be the destruction of the Western world as we know it if we do not now understand that money and power are not the saving graces of a country

There is no point electing leaders that just pursue money and powerr if countries are left polluted and animals and planets decimated and people are dying on the streets this brings destructive energy in..No conscious leader would want that an any single level.. They would treat everyone with kindness and compassion.

We all have different stories background influences environmnnets and upbringings Flexible intelligent minds know this..

Some people are born into wealth some into poverty their are karmic influences on many levels and lessons and contracts on soul levels

To understand the spirituallity on a deep level is needed at this time to care on a deep level is needed at this time..

We are in a shifting paradigm and we need to be conscious of our energy our thoughts and interractions ..

Do you add to the collective or do you just take for yourself ? Are you all me me me and seek money and power by belittling others think about it ? Or do you seek to uplift from higher levels of consciousness ?

It’s an interesting paradigm where frequency and energetic harmony and disharmony are being played out on global levels..

Every molecule and cell of life contributes to the rest and works in harmoney and unison with the rest “

We are in challenging times know why you came here at this time ..

Bringing truth to light may not always be easy….. on personal or collective levels… “

From my new book in the making.. Copyright (C) 2019

Sally Francis ..

#consciousness #leadership #newparadigm #divinefeminine

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