Deep Inner Peace and Harmony……. (meditation )

Deep Inner Peace and Harmony....... (.meditation )

Imagine yourself laying on the earth looking up at a beautiful willow tree swaying in the wind, connect with the energy of the tree that’s grounded and safe and very connected to the centre of the earth.

Feel the branches of the tree caressing your face and feel the arms of the branches,holding you in an energetic embrace of great love and healing.

Listen to the birds speaking their tiny songs of love as you lie safely cocooned in this timeless energy of nature.

See the sun glinting through the rustling leaves and blessing every cell in your body with love and golden light

You are at peace now your mind has cleared and you are rested and restored by the ancient wisdom of the great willow washing all your cares and worries away with her wisdom  and breathing new life into every cell of your body and your genetic information and dna being restored back to natures configuration of a  pure perfect alignment

You are restored to perfect peace and harmony in Mind Body and Soul and Spirit, every cell of your body vibrating with a new frequency the golden harmonic and sound frequency of nature, your divine essence and  spiritual frequency.. that is in perfect harmonic frequency of the earth and of this ancient tree.

Know the ancient wisdom of this weeping willow , know the ancient wisdom transmitted to you now through her branches, feel the power of  the pure  light  at the leaves touch and heal all parts of you…

Awaken with the sensation that right here , right now everything is OK ….always was and always will be …..

You are blessed in love and peace and harmony

Right here right now there is only peace and contentment , only  the love frequency… of the willow .. who wants only peace for you…..

Sally Francis

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