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The Tortoise or the Hare ? …. Determination

 When someone close to you especially your children it’s hard to watch their pain but it’s also wonderful to watch their determination strength and sheer grit to succeed.  It’s through determination step by step that you build confidence. Some times it just takes a Baby step to do something to challenge yourself to do something … Continue reading

Your Soul and Spirit Journey

If you listen to your soul and spirit you will bring your gifts to the world .. and the reason you are really here .. you have chosen to come here to Earth at this time and choose your body , your experiences, your family and your life experiences for a reason. When you sit … Continue reading

Watch for the Magic…………

Watch for the Magic…………

Watch for the magic steps in your life , watch for the underlying golden spirit of consciousness weaving through your life and taking a dance …..remember to always trust in the higher vision of yourself the one that knows all there is to know, the one who dances and sings and dreams and creates,  for … Continue reading


I have been thinking alot about this lately. What makes someone inspirational?  Is it in their genes ?  Do they learn this from other people ? Do they suffer and things become intolerant and this springboards them to another level that they have to delve really deep and reinevent themself to survive ?  I often … Continue reading

Love is in the air…………………

  Love is in the air ……………………when we stay in love with life and fall out of fear and the fear vibration. We always have a choice in every situation between choosing love or fear, with relationships and with ourselves and with all the news and information we listen to. We can choose the love … Continue reading