Playing Volleyball For GB and the “Olympic Spirit”

So what makes one person strive to pursue excellence in their body or in their spirit or in their work?

Watching the Olympics and especially  the Volleyball brought back all the feelings that are stored in my body and the memories of playing volleyball for GB and England and makes us see just how anyone gets behind a nation with sport and just loves positive energy!!  Media take note !!!!

Although there are bits about the Olympics that I can’t condone,  the money and the cost when people are dying around the world,  I feel it’s also about  us celebrating the human spirit and the pursuit of excellence and shows what the human body can achieve in the best conditions  given the nourishment and the training. It also serves as a huge Paradox with the media sponsorship with the unhealthy food companies but maybe it will make us think again as a nation about what we are doing as a country with our water and our food and the nourishment athletes are given to make them able to train and compete at such levels. and act as a catalyst for the youth today to go into sport and change the thinking about sport in education again and see how we really need sport and fitness to rewire the brain and integrate the mind and body

When you move you are in your body and embodied and less stressed . We are animals who are meant to move.  When you are connected to your body everyday and train day in day out you also connect to a higher consciousness and your spirit and you feel good.

When I trained daily years ago I felt as though I connected to my inner flame, the flame that knew that I could do something if I really  put my mind to it. I wasn’t that tall and there were many girls much taller than me competing for a place but I felt that I would get there . It wasn’t about pushing anyone else out of the way it was about working in a team.

In Volleyball if you don’t play as a co- hesive unit if you don’t work using all your skills of intuition to feel where the other players are behind or in front of you you don’t survive. You need to work  co-operatively  and with  mutual respect for the other players in the team and also acknowledging their gifts, and that’s life and the team based  Olympics. If you don’t value other peoples gifts and work together as a team in Volleyball you don’t survive, one person can break the whole team.

Watching some competitors  pull out that bit more strength or courage, often in disbelief themselves, serves to show anyone that at any time in their life they can switch on that inner courage, that inner strength, and it can happen in a few milliseconds.

Crossing a line can be the difference between winning or losing be it with a ball or with your body . one split second can make the difference in someones life just one split second and that’s all it can take in anyone life one split second to change direction or change your life or change direction to take you to the  “Olympic spirit” in yourself to be all that you can be in this lifetime – just one split second.

You can cross that metaphoric line at anytime in your life just by choosing too , by just focusing and intending that something happens next.

If you need help to cross the line and support with helping you to find your “Olympic spirit ” to tune into all that you can be I’m here to help I’ve done it with adults around the world and I’ve done it with thousands and thousands of children  when teaching and I know what it feels like to dig really deep and find your spirit.  I may just be able to spark the Olympic flame in you  !!

Sally Francis 2012

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