EFT FOR LOVE…. and FOR RELEASING .. any limiting beliefs around LOVE

Heart love

EFT FOR LOVE…. and FOR RELEASING .. any limiting beliefs around LOVE 

KC… EVEN though there’s all this hype about LOVE and SEX sometimes it might make me feel as if I am on my own .. I completely love accept and appreciate myself.

Even though at times I see this all in the media about love and it makes me feel any less a human without a partner.. I love and completely accept myself anyway

EB All this LOVE stuff..
SE .. I am LOVE
UE.. You are LOVE
UN They are LOVE
CB.. Welcoming LOVE
UB….LOVE from the universe
UA.. There’s so much LOVE all around

TH.. I am open to LOVE AND SEX 
EB.. Open up the love energy channels from everywhere, clearing any doubt and fears of connection to people from any past memory in lifetime or the past held in any cellular memory,
SE.. LOVE coming to me from everywhere whatever that means to me if it’s for my highest good.
UN.. I am worthy to receive LOVE what’s for my highest good won’t pass me by.
CB.  Love From unexpected sources, ANGELS and all sentient beings guiding me to the right person.
UB Welcoming this love from people and the universe calling in the spirit of the right person for me.
UA.. Open to RECEIVING LOVE for myself.. releasing any blocks to anything holding me back.
TH Open to receiving..LOVE from a partner …releasing any past beliefs that ..I am not worthy of great LOVE and PASSION, releasing any block that  I have ever held.

TAP through a round of


Stand by  do this 3 times today 

Sally Francis ..
EFT sessions available email sallyfrancis3@gmail.com

Go to my EFT page for tapping points

I am also available for Intuitive  Coaching and Soul Plans

Disclaimer :
Tap at your own risk this LOVE stuff might work .. are you ready:) 
I am not responsible for any serious happiness levels that arise, if feelings come up take good care of yourself and drink lots of water.

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