The Tortoise or the Hare ? …. Determination

 When someone close to you especially your children it’s hard to watch their pain but it’s also wonderful to watch their determination strength and sheer grit to succeed.  It’s through determination step by step that you build confidence. Some times it just takes a Baby step to do something to challenge yourself to do something you wouldn’t think you could do or believe that you could do.
Repetition of doing something builds new neural pathways in the brain , new neural grooves, that’s how athletes  gain power and strength in their bodies by doing something on a regular basis and it’s the discipline and the repetition that builds that MIND muscle.
Everyday I saw   my daughter struggle and come to terms with her dyslexia, although  being highly intelligent,  as I had done through my teenage years. Our brains are wired differently we process things differently. The  struggles she had with learning and education and how she used to have her whole walls plastered with her essays and words and MIND MAPS and diagrams to learn, just how I had to study. She persevered  and is now a specialist physiotherapist beating   many woman around her for   an amazing job.
 I taught in 200 schools  and coach  people around the world and played Volleyball for England create  songs and art  am highly creative and coach form that level am highly sensitive .. and that brings gifts. I did not let  my dyslexia   get in my way and I see the world differently  perhaps to others
INTENTION is more powerful than anything, you don’t have to necessarily have any ability in anything to succeed, but you do have to have DETERMINATION   and FAITH to succeed and a drive.
In schools  I met thousands and thousands of children and it was often the not so bright children that did possibly achieve as they often didn’t talk themselves out of doing something ..they just did stuff. Like the hair and the TORTOISE, the tortoise often wins.
What I have also learnt is that our children do not come here for us, they are free spirits with free will to mess up their lives if they like,  or succeed at whatever they want. They are not us, sure they will have some personality traits,  but as a parent the biggest gift you can give your children is to support and guide them through.  THEIR journey not yours and that can often be the hardest lesson. When they stumble .. their stumbles are their stumbles to learn and grow through sometimes that’s the BIGGEST gift you can give them  to step back and let them take the reigns of their life then they will have the tools to succeed in their life .
 Sally Francis 2013 Copyright (c)
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