I have been thinking alot about this lately.

What makes someone inspirational?

 Is it in their genes ?

 Do they learn this from other people ?

Do they suffer and things become intolerant and this springboards them to another level that they have to delve really deep and reinevent themself to survive ?

 I often think this is the case or do they just step hook line and sinker into their passion and are encouraged by people all around them all the time and don’t listen to the “naysayers”?

Sometimes adversity will springboard you to a place that’s not familiar but will quickly mean that you have to gain new skills or  talents to just survive.

 Throughout wars and disasters people have had to dig deep and just get through it and I feel that’s when spirit really and truly kicks in and out of adversity often a greater being is born a person who really knows how to draw on all their resources and get on with life as they have no other choice but to get through else they will not survive.

In war times people bond together, recently with the riots in London , you could see the communities  coming back together to regroup and rebuild. It was so inspiring to see the strength of human spirit coming out and sharing and caring.

 Nelson Mandela struggled through adversity to shine brightly and Mother Teresa just went about her healing work in an inspirational way not worrying what others would say just shining and helping all in her path.

What makes one person inspirational ?

I think they get out of their own way they take action and just do it they dig deep and do what makes them feel alive and truly in their spirit . They breathe in life and breathe out fear and the “I can’t ” , they just plough forward daily feeling it in their body and living and breathing their true spirits and they don’t worry what other people think they know they are ok and alright and that things will work out if they stick to their vision . They arrive and are present 100% and stay on task and moving forwards towards their goals bit by bit little by little.

You can be or do anything,  you and only you are the master of your life !

I wish you great inspiration with all your endeavours till next we meet again.

Here’s a wonderful woman who completely stepped into her spirit !

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