Your words hold Sound Fractals Sing Your Vibration

 Every single word you speak and sound you make puts on energy into the cosmos and so do the words you write, each leaves it’s own footprint in this continuum called the universe. Dr Emoto’s work has show that words even make patterns , fractals and perfect words can make perfect fractals.
Sounds are 3D not “2D as we have been led to believe we are all walking fractals of energy and our consciousness streams out of us in our voices singing we clear our own bodies.
By singing we not only raise our own vibration we are raising the frequency of the planet and changing our own DNA structure and clearing our bodies. Everything in the universe emits a vibration. Mother Earth, Gaia emits a vibration and we have the technology to tap into that sound and ancient civilizations had the knowledge to harness the energy of the earth to do that.
Plants have also been show to emit frequencies and have been show to  sing at certain vibrations
Sally Francis
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3 thoughts on “Your words hold Sound Fractals Sing Your Vibration

  1. Many people comment on how peaceful churches, monasteries etc are. For hundreds of years the inhabitants have sung at regular intervals and energised the buildings with high vibrations. Gregorian chants, Byrd, Tallis and others created sacred music which together with the emotional requests and prayers linger long in their fields.

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