Shine in all your Magnificent Colour…….




Sometimes in life we fall flat on our faces .. we are all humans having a human experience .. the ability though to not identify with the pain and just observe it is one of the ways that humans pick themselves back up.

The story that we tell ourselves around events and things that happen can either be negative or positive depending on your perception and the framework you give it. I love the concept that my father used to say to me .. “in this moment there is always someone somewhere worse off that you are”…. something that has always stuck with me.

Times can be tough for many of us and at the moment but actually there are probably just as tough for millions around the world but when you can focus on a single drop of joy and expand your consciousness from that place like a blob of ink on a piece of blotting paper spreading out in all dimensions and imagine yourself as such .. you expand you energy body ……. so see yourself with an expansive frame see yourself and your aura expanding into the universe see yourself as all the colours of a rainbow spreading out like coloured spears of light twinkling in the universe ……


YOU are a powerful rainbow of many colours and one of your primary purposes here is to spread your magnficent colour to all of those around you. So focus on that colourful aspect of you .. give it a colour and send it out to the world … YOU have just brightened up the world around you today ….. trust in a colourful you….. trust in the magic !! 


Sally Francis 

Do share if you found this helpful – blessings 


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