Stand In Your Spirit

Sometimes when your children fall flat on their face it’s a hard one to navigate and when you friends fall flat on their faces it can be even harder ..non judgement often helps.It’s hard to see anyone in pain at any level.
I think this generation has been brought up to think that emotions aren’t the human spirit and not a normal part of life. Science and the pharmaceutical industry have tried to analyse everything and the self help industry has made a mint out of people’s problems and peoples pain. In spiritual terms we are all whole and perfect and there’s nothing to fix.
The challenge we have in the uk and all over the world is to find a way back to this. You can’t reason with your spirit.The great Shamans are  and were the people who help to bring the spirits back to people, they empower people to stand in their light and feel joy again.
Ask your spirit what it needs and the answer will be there.

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