Have faith that if you are here at this time on the planet you are here for a reason you have a soul plan and a soul journey to do something  extraordinary and significant  with your life.

It might not always be an easy ride and sometimes you will be stretched to the utmost and it’s at this time that you need to hold onto something and remember the reason you are here you are breathing , you can see the sky , you can feel the wind , you have two arms and legs and are luckier than many on the earth. Have faith that you are here for a special purpose, you may have never thought about it, you may have never even thought that possible, that your life means something to someone around you to your family to your children, to your community to someone it may be a friend, or you may have come here with an even bigger mission to just spread love to everyone you meet and you can do that with everyone.

Have faith that you have a purpose, a real purpose on this planet, you are here  and are important, focus on your strengths , write them on a piece of paper if you need  to intend little by little to make that grow, focus on all the positive things that you have ever done in your life.

Looking back may be your default mechanism but that’s done, that’s gone .. you can create the next hour the next , day in a great new way if you have faith that it will all turn out OK . most of what we worry about never happens. That may be a big ask of you at moment but have faith that your hopes and dreams are always heard by the universe the bigger mind at some level as we are all connected through space and time and if you put out faith, one day that door of faith will open. You may have faith in a creative project , you may have faith in your ability to sing or to dance or to write or to just spread a smile and be a healer or be even be a cleaner it doesn’t matter so long as you know in your heart that you are contributing.

If you have manifested into this lifetime as a mother and a carer of children know that your job is of the most significance as you are molding and nurturing future generations and your words and your love are heard and will resonate out through the ether in times to come through your children. Your role is of huge significance at this time.

Have faith that your journey is a special one and it will be so..

4 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Thank you so much for this Sally, I am having a massive struggle with a difficult bit of life at the moment, I have been questioning why im here just to have so much sadness and worry in my life, its a constant struggle to keep going but your words have meant so much to me today. Im grateful to you.ShonaDate: Thu, 7 Mar 2013 12:08:46 +0000 To:

    • Am so sorry that you are going through a struggle .. remember after a struggle comes a good time . Focus on all the positive things that you can everyday .here if you need further assistance. Blessings Sally

    • Thankyou Shona and your words mean alot to me today as well as I write and sometimes I wonder whether I should still do it infact you have brought a gift and happiness to me today. I think we all question at times why we are here. Hold the faith that you are here for a purpose ask your spirit to show you some of the ways you can bring back some joy and love into your life..start with small things maybe just make a list of a fe things that used to bring you joy or the future you would like for yourself. Add to the list everyday . Many blessings to you ! Take care Sally

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