See The World as a Friendly Place …………..


I was in a  busy coffee shop yesterday and am always talking to people as I do and was also connecting on an energy level with a wink and a smile to a small toddler, something I often do  with all the children who seem to cross my path, and the parents were letting him run around but were physically blocking him from going into the space of other people, probably out of politeness to the other people,  it seemed like that, but then I thought what message does this give the child ? It was a message that strangers people around don’t want you to bother them.

Yes sometimes people don’t want to be bothered, but what if we give the messages that people are friendly that all humans are friendly ..then children grow up without thinking that there’s something to fear. The big media campaigns about “stranger danger” in the past just perpetuated the illusion that the world is a scary unsafe place..but when you start to turn that on it’s head the world becomes full of possibilities not just for children but for adults to.

I opened my arms to the children and smiled and he quickly came over and jumped on my lap and proceeded to gaze into my eyes with extreme clarity and a complete sense that he knew it was safe to come over to me.  Children do have an inner guidance mechanism that keep them safe and parents must let there children develop this as they to have to fly the nest and exist and thrive in the world. Their inner guidance mechanisms are inbuilt in them and if you have them well honed then the chances are your children do to.

Visualise your children being safe and things working out well as otherwise you are just sending them bad vibes. Always veer towards the positive and sure enough that will be the outcome and you’ll spend so much more time doing something positive with the time.

Sally Francis

Copyright (c) 2013

3 thoughts on “See The World as a Friendly Place …………..

  1. Loved what you said there Sally. Been a parent for 17years and Im still very protective of my son, probably because he was kidnapped by his Dad when he was 2 yrs old, but youre right ive got to stop worrying about him when hes out, worrying about what other ‘crazy’ people might do and visualise him being safe and happy, I always send archangel micheal to watch over him when either he or I leave the house. I will practice what you preach. Thankyou Sally xx

    • Yes Cara … it won’t help him if you focus on negative things visualise it all working out for him , I have been a single parent so know the lessons that it brings. Here if you need an EFT session to clear out. Many blessings

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