A prayer for fresh clean water …….

Today I send a huge blessing to all the waters of the world and to all life living life  there and look forward to a time when children can swim in rivers and streams like I used to as a child without so much pollution.
We are so advanced in many areas but the use of chemicals and additives to sustain our lives in food and products is something that is deeply upsetting to me ….the youth of today are growing up not knowing what life was like before the plastic bottle. Surely councils have the infrastructure to produce high quality clean water again. There are so many additives in food to preserve it and yet many doctors aren’t looking at that as a reason why children and adults develop allergies and asthma.
I feel before long there will be a great upsurge towards getting rid of so much of that and wouldn’t be surprised if we soon have a return to many more local shops and communities coming today to feed each other and care for each other in more natural ways. Change and innovation comes by moving towards one by one in small ways buying local fresh food from local markets and producers . Maybe harder in towns but much better for the planet.

Send out a prayer today for fresh clean water for all on the planet and a return to untainted food for everyone………………

Sally Francis

One thought on “A prayer for fresh clean water …….

  1. How I loved returning the used glass bottles and getting money for them as a child. I also still enjoy fish and chips out of paper instead of tons of awkward plastic boxes! Unfortunately, we have become the waste disposal units for industrial waste as it is expensive to dispose of safely.

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